Magestore Affiliate Plus - Standard or Platinum edition

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Build an Affiliate network and automate sales and commissions!

Let's start with some happy customers...

I spent much time finding affiliate software before choosing Affiliate+. It has a lot of great features with an affordable price. Thanks for their awesome training video and fast support! It's been used effectively on my store.

Schwarzman - Marketingsolution


I’ve been really impressed by the way Affiliate Plus fits my business needs. It gave me a great solution to boost sales and traffics with key features. Besides, I have been supported very well from Magestore. They help me configure the module enthusiastically.

Allan Walson - Owner - Fashionadvantage


How does Affiliate+ work?

  • Step 1: Store owners create affiliate programs using Affiliate+: configure commission rate, discount rate, upload banners, links...
  • Step 2:Referrals sign up affiliate programs, get banners and links, post to websites, forums, blogs, email to their contacts, share on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus...
  • Step 3:When referrals' friends or visitors click on the banners/links and purchase products in your store, customers can get discount and referrals will receive commission

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Increase your sales 20% to 500% with our Magento Affiliate extension Increase traffic with our Magento Affiliate extension More professional with our Magento Affiliate extension

Boost Sales

Increase your sales 20% to 500% with our Affiliate extension! We help you create referral network that are like hard-working bees, continually finding customers and promoting products for you.

Increase Traffic

See amazing surge in your traffic and ranks in Search Engine! Links to your store will be posted widely in many websites, forums… by referrals’ effort. All you have to do is Watch and Enjoy.

More Professional

Professional tool proves professional store. Set your store to a new level by running our Affiliate extension which is powerful in functions and clean in appearance.

Affiliate Plus Features

Get to know features of Affiliate+ to understand more how we bring magic to you. After a few minutes installation through the use of smart layout, Affiliate+ can be fully integrated into your existing-sites. Afterwards, you can savour a huge range of features, functions and configuration combinations. Most prominent features are listed as below:

  • Setting commission, discount & payout requirement

    Basic function but very important is setting commission and discount. You can choose the type fixed or percentage and easily add the preferred rate. Besides, you may set a payment release which is a specific amount that referrals’ balance must reach before they can request money.

  • Account management

    Affiliate Plus offers you full control of referrals. You can easily add, remove, enable or disable them and edit preferences. It is also simple to view information of affiliates like their programs, friends, transactions and payments.

  • Transaction management

    We give you the ability to access relevant information of a referral’s transaction like order number, products, commission and discount. It is extremely easy to monitor, review and filter transactions of affiliates.

  • Payment management

    After logging in the backend, admin can comfortably configure and control payments of affiliate accounts. It is possible to add or subtract commission of an account balance, conduct Payment automatically or when customers request.

  • Pay Per Sale

    Referrals promote your products through many channels. But only when your products are purchased through their links, referrals can get commission. In other words, you just Pay money when you receive Sale from them.

  • PayPal mass pay

    Instead of conducting payout manually when an affiliate requests payment, admin can use PayPal API with auto-process, making the payout more convenient and faster.


Platinum Features (available as up-sell)

When you purchase Platinum Edition, besides Standard features we listed above, you can experience more useful features brought by 3 extra plugins.

  • Pay Per Lead

    First affiliate refers a link and gets a friend sign up to become affiliate. When the second affiliate succeeds in selling a product, both him and the first affiliate can get commission.

  • Multiple Programs

    You want to run different programs with different commission rate, based on customers or product groups? We provide you Multi program feature which let you create such programs without a hitch.

  • Statistic

    This feature enables administrators to track the sales, clicks and transactions of affiliates. It’s easy to analyze affiliate program’s performance and get solution to improve it.